Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission's AIM Conference is held each year in June and is hosted by the home church of FBWWM, East Side Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

Biblical and practical instruction is shared through a broad spectrum of missionary work and life.  Challenge, conviction, and revival are evident as the Lord uses the preaching, teaching, and Godly fellowship to work in hearts.

This week is highly recommended for any serious missions-minded Christian.

Baptist Bible Translators Institute asks, Did you read your Bible today?  Billions of people didn’t.

A very large portion of them had no chance to read a Bible because no Scripture exists in their language.  BBTI has a wonderful opportunity to change that.

Few Baptist missionaries attempt Bible translation because they feel unqualified to handle such an awesome responsibility.  In Principles of Bible Translation, missionaries learn to deal with the translation issues and challenges.  Instructors discuss ways to deal with them and produce an accurate, understandable, formal translation of the words that God originally inspired.

What if a missionary’s target language already has a Bible?  He will still need to know how to translate.  In reality, he will do it every day either in writing or speaking.

We encourage you to look into BBTI and the helps they also provide in other areas.

Baptist Church Planting Ministry understands that planting a church is a spiritual endeavor, that each one should be handcrafted by the Lord.  BCPM brings years of Spirit-led experience and wisdom to counsel and coach during the course of establishing the new work.

Throughout the years, friends have teamed with BCPM; and without exception, they each testify to the spiritual and practical help supplied by the BCPM team.

The Biblical principles, followed by founder Earl Jessup and now by Jeremy Rowland, help to multiply the seeds sown by church planters.

Prayerfully consider Baptist Church Planting Ministry when planning a church plant.

Bible Tracts Inc. was founded in 1938 through the preaching of their founder, Evangelist Paul Levin.  As people came to Christ, they wanted to be able to tell others how to be born again.  As they saw the transforming power of the Gospel, they wanted clear, simple Gospel tools so they too could see folks come to Christ.

Since its inception, millions of Gospel tracts have gone all over the world in various languages.  All of these tracts have been provided entirely free of charge.  Bible Tracts Inc. is supported by churches and individuals who have a desire to see the world come to Christ.

We were blessed to use Bible Tracts in our church plants in Zambia.  The tracts that they supply are doctrinally sound, clearly written, and well presented.

Bible Visuals International seeks to produce curriculum that is Gospel-focused, Scripturally sound, and visually excellent and to provide it to their ministry partners worldwide in ways that are affordable, accessible, and adaptable to their needs.

BVI envisions that all children would have the opportunity to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and to experience God’s redemptive power in their lives.

We are excited about the updates and expansion of their materials, including some in various languages.  Whether as a printed story or hymn or a projected PowerPoint, teachers and children love Bible Visuals!

Fellowship Tract League is a local church ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio, which seeks to reached the world for Christ through the printed page.  Their purpose is to provide the material that is needed for God's people all around the world to fulfill His Great Commission.

There are two things that definitely go together:  Fellowship Tract League and Missions!  We have used FTL tracts on many missions trips and in many languages.  Sharing tracts with people in their own languages makes a lasting impact.

So shall my word...not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.  Isaiah 55:11

Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ is a chronological Bible study which is uniquely designed to teach through the Old and New Testaments, revealing Christ in every major lesson.  This year-long curriculum is packed with foundational instruction; teaching visuals and the children's edition make this a great tool for any Christian teacher.

While we speak highly of the original Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ in the King James Version, we do not recommend other materials.

We came across Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ in the early 1990s and have taught it to various age groups in numerous settings.  Without exception, the Lord has used these lessons to bring people to Himself and to also grow the teachers as they prepare.

Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission is a ministry of East Side Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.  Founded in 1985 by veteran missionary Dr. Ernest Gambrell, FBWWM serves churches and their missionaries on six continents.  FBWWM is a full-service mission agency that assists in every aspect of missions work in the USA and around the world.

We have partnered with FBWWM since 1993.  Throughout the years, we have witnessed the fact that FBWWM is a true servant to the local church and to the missionaries they send forth.  It continues to be, as its name indicates, historically Baptist and soundly fundamental.

Hope Biblical Counseling Center is a ministry of Hope Baptist Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

In addition to personal counselling and writing helpful books, Pastor and Mrs. Terry Coomer have developed a counselling seminar complete with a syllabus of over 500 pages.  All of the counselling instruction is based upon the Bible and is void of humanistic mental science practices.

Independent Baptist Media has one central purpose: to reach this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They seek to work together to accomplish going into all the world and reaching this generation by using various forms of Christian media.

Independent Baptist Media involves itself in every aspect of local church media with the sole purpose of bringing glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary Trails has good recommendations.

Missionaries are helped with organizational tools, including scheduling and record keeping associated with travel and church meetings.  IFBMT provides unique assistance in these areas.

Media Lifeline specializes in custom website design and hosting.  They offer various packages for ministry needs and serve a wide array of churches, missionaries, and specialty ministries.

We enjoy working together with Media Lifeline; Cody Stinson and his team are on the cutting edges of this constantly changing field.  Media Lifeline is much more than another business; they are fellow believers who are partners in ministry -- and have the same goals of glorifying God and reaching the world for Christ.

Missionary Expediters offers a wide range of services under the umbrella of shipping and logistics.

Specialties include:

Short term or one time projects; non-repetitive shipments.
Remote, underdeveloped destinations.
Donated, poorly-packed or inventoried cargoes; personal effects.
Partnering with people not regularly involved with transportation procedures and terms.
Matching your needs with their network and resources.

In fact, your cargo does not even need to touch USA soil for them to help.  They often coordinate with organizations shipping cargo that originates in Europe and Asia into the developing world.  Missionaries may move from one field to another, and they are ready to help.

Missionary Medicine Intensive is highly recommended.

We had the privilege of taking this excellent course under the instruction of its developer and founder, Dr. Mary Vanderkooi.  She held a doctorate in tropical medicine and spent many years serving the Lord in North Africa and other places.

Her two-volume syllabus is the core of this extensive course, which is geared primarily for those with little or no medical background and serve in developing lands around the globe.

Dr. Mary, now in Glory, became a personal friend and mentor of ours.  We thank the Lord for this valuable training; training which literally saved our lives and the lives of others.

God also used what was gained at MMI to reach into countless villages.  Multitudes of people walked for many hours to come to us for physical help, where they also received spiritual help.  Lives were saved; souls were saved!

Missions21 is a newly developing tool that seeks to move Independent Baptist Missions into the 21st Century.

It is designed to assist missionary families with additional resources to help streamline the ministry of deputation.

Pastors and churches may also find this free tool useful to find missionary contacts.

Post Up Stand provides a variety of high quality display banners.  They are very helpful, efficient, and highly-recommended.

Scripture Memory Ministry provides a simple way to learn and understand the Bible.  This ministry is designed for churches of any size to help them be ready always to give a Biblical answer to every man.

Brother Dave Barker has a unique way of teaching how to memorize Scripture so that even a child can comprehend what is being taught.  How to memorize Scripture, how to enjoy reviewing verses learned so they are retained, and where to find practical verses to memorize are all presented to help the Christian have a chapter and verse on the tip of his or her tongue.  How to retain the Scripture reference and the right purpose for memorizing God’s Word is also presented.

We have known Dave and Mary Barker for decades.  They are faithful servants who would be well worth the consideration of coming to your church.

Source of Light Ministries provides Bible lessons on many subjects for every age level.

We have used many of the Source of Light materials through the years.  We recommend going through them yourself and finding those that may work for you in your particular situation.

We only recommend and use the King James lessons.  Be careful of this when ordering.

Our experience has shown the series God's Great Salvation to be extremely valuable on every age level.

In particular, the Basic Bible Truths series has proven to be effective in multiplying spiritual growth in believers.

Source of Light materials are relatively inexpensive.  Sample packets are available upon request, and they ship world-wide.