These college-level missions courses are a labor of love for the Lord and for missions.  They are a blend of years of personal experience on fields around the world, the study of countless books and other materials, the completion of numerous specialty courses in a variety of interacting subjects, and the counsel and instruction of dozens of Spirit-filled mentors, past and present.  Most importantly, God’s Word is our textbook and guide for life -- and for missions.

We have developed these courses for teaching in churches, Bible colleges and seminaries, and Christian schools.  For years, the courses have been taught in Bible colleges in module format, a complete semester of classes presented in a 25-hour week.

While many are interested in these courses, they do not have an entire week to devote to a Missions Module.  The courses can be adapted to fit a wide range of sessions in any time format for your church or school, complete with optional testing and assigned outside work.

We invite you to look through this list of courses…

Introduction to Missions

Introduction to Missions is an overview of the Biblical basis of missions, an examination of important terms and points of discussion, missionary preparation, missionary relationships, a condensed history of missions, key missionary figures in history, church planting strategies, and overviews of world religions.

Missionary Preparation

Missionary Preparation expands upon Introduction to Missions with detailed studies on the will of God, the call of God, pre-field ministry including planning and fulfilling the ministry of deputation, transition to the field, language study, cultural adaptation, missionary safety, and initial field survey work.

Missionary Relationships

Missionary Relationships seeks to prepare the future missionary for working interpersonally.  Detail is given to Biblical and practical preparation for relationships in the home, in the ministry, and in public life.  A strong emphasis is placed upon one’s relationships with the Lord, family, pastor, and local church.  In addition, instruction is given on extended family, co-laborers, deputizing churches, mission agencies, national leadership, governments, and unbelievers in general.

This course includes a unique aspect of class discussion and examination of case studies in foreign field situations.

Church Planting Strategies

Church Planting Strategies emphasizes the Biblical example and practical application of starting churches in the USA and around the world.  It includes studies in specific survey work, financial planning, evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, literature development, and establishment of indigenous churches.

The principle that churches plant churches is a primary focus.

History of Missions

History of Missions has a three-fold focus presented through a balanced and challenging study of the Scriptures, Missionary Biographies by Eugene Harrison, and From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya by Ruth Tucker.

As it is throughout all of the courses, the Scriptures are foundational.  Initial focus begins on the character and lives of key figures in missions who will challenge the personal spiritual life of the student; personal revival and missions are partners that work together.

Focus is next directed to an overall timeline of missions history that is reviewed to familiarize the student with key times, events, and movements; corporate revival and missions also work together.

The focus then turns to practical applications which are brought forth to assist the student in preparation for serving on mission fields around the world.

Revival and missions are still God’s plan for reaching the world – through YOU!

World Religions

World Religions is designed to give an overview of a wide variety of religions, their belief systems, and suggestions on how to best present the Gospel to their followers.

Eight primary and twenty-five secondary religions are examined.  Among others, specific attention and helps are given toward Roman Catholicism, Seventh-Day Adventism, The Watchtower Society, Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Animism.

This course is not intended to be an exhaustive study of any particular religion.  The purpose is to familiarize the student with the historical backgrounds, beliefs, and key words of each group, as well as provide Biblical and practical help to effectively present the Gospel.

The Ministry of Teaching

The Ministry of Teaching is an overview of a Christian teacher’s perspective of teaching shared through information, experience, and heart-burden.

The purpose of this course is to prepare effective teachers to make a lasting impact in each heart and life entering the teacher’s classroom or sphere of influence, whether in the USA or around the world.

The Ministry of Teaching is designed with dual purpose; it is presented as a course to stand alone or as a companion course to Church Planting Strategies.

We are blessed to organize and oversee FBWWM’s AIM Conference on behalf of Dr. Ernest Gambrell.

FBWWM’s Annual Institute of Missions is held each year in June and is hosted by the home church of Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission, East Side Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

Biblical and practical instruction is shared through a broad spectrum of missionary work and life.  Challenge, conviction, and revival are evident as the Lord uses the preaching, teaching, and Godly fellowship to work in many hearts.