Missions Conferences & Meetings

Missions Conferences are a highlight of our ministry.  Missions Emphasis Sundays or Weekends, mini-conferences with Bible preaching and teaching on missions, are another highlight.  Though the concept of Missions Emphasis is well established, we work and pray to add extra elements; the preaching and teaching is inspirational and instructive.

Bible messages are shared with the focus on surrender to the Lord, His call, knowing the will of God, the pastor/church/missionary relationship, Bible-based prayer in relation to missions, expository teaching on grace giving, and much more.  Young people receive a great amount of attention through specially planned Junior Conferences & Meetings.

Junior Conferences & Meetings

Junior Conferences and Meetings are planned in great detail and are tailored specifically for young people.  They are always received with great anticipation and excitement!

Greta loves young people and loves the ministry of teaching through God's Word, stories, songs, object lessons, and numerous other ways.  The fruit of her service is evident with men and women in the ministry around the world who were impacted as young people through her heart, testimony, and teaching.

Junior Conferences and Meetings are most often held during the church’s conference or meeting schedule, but they are also welcomed separately.

The Holy Spirit uses these unique opportunities to see young people saved, surrendered, and greatly burdened for the people of the world.

An important part of our ministry is investing in the lives of young people, as they are the future of the church -- and missions.

Revival Meetings

We firmly believe that missions is a fruit of revival, both personal and corporate.  The Lord has opened doors to minister in revival meetings with children, youth, and adults.  It is a joy to see our Savior save souls, to witness the working of the Holy Spirit in the saved, and to hear God answer the prayer of the faithful in the church.

The call to missions, and the fulfillment of that call, is of paramount importance in our personal lives.  It is our burden and desire to share in the hearts and lives of others... so we travel, pray, preach and teach, and pray some more for revival so that His Great Commission would be fulfilled and He would be glorified.

Church Missions Initiative

Church Missions Initiative is a module created for local church leadership.  The module was developed after receiving a request from a pastor who had the desire to revisit the missions philosophy and practices of his church.  Key leadership members attended the sessions, which were incorporated with missions emphasis services for the church.  Step-by-step, we worked together through multiple facets of missions:  the pastor/missionary relationship, the calling and sending of missionaries, financial options in missionary support, overall goals of missionary work, and many other areas.

Church Missions Initiative is structured to partner with the pastor and church through helping a new pastor establish a Biblical pattern for missions in a new or existing church, through assisting a seasoned pastor with refreshing a missions vision in an older church, through reviving missions in a church that is in or has passed through a difficult time in its history, or through a host of other ways.  In any setting, the module is used to bring unity of heart, unity of purpose, and unity of ministry to work together in reaching a lost world.

Missions Courses

College-level Missions Courses are a labor of love for the Lord and for missions.  They are a blend of years of personal experience on fields around the world, the study of countless books and other materials, the completion of numerous specialty courses in a variety of interacting subjects, and the counsel and instruction of dozens of Spirit-filled mentors, past and present.  Most importantly, God’s Word is our textbook and guide for life -- and for missions.

We have developed these courses for teaching in churches, Bible colleges and seminaries, and Christian schools.  For years, the courses have been taught in Bible colleges in module format, a complete semester of classes presented in a 25-hour week.

While many are interested in these courses, they do not have an entire week to devote to a Missions Module.  The courses can be adapted to fit a wide range of sessions in any time format for your church or school, complete with optional testing and assigned outside work.

We invite you to look through this List of Missions Courses.

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