A Moment for Missions

Do you have a moment for missions?

Certainly, missions is worth much more than a moment’s time; but in those short times available, we can make a difference to those who are waiting to hear what we so blessedly know: Jesus paid it all!

We can LOOK…  It takes just a moment to look individually at people within a group.  Look into a person’s eyes.  There is so much to see there that can burden our hearts for them.

We can PRAY…  It has been said that prayer changes things.  While that is true, prayer can also change us!  Pray for the lost around the world.  Pray for those reaching the lost.  Pray that each of us will do our parts – and pray that more laborers will go.  Do not neglect this important part in missions.

We can GO…  To some, that means going to another place in missions service; to others, it means giving the Gospel right where we are.  Take a moment to give a Bible tract along with encouragement to read it.

In those small moments for missions, we can make a difference.  And of some have compassion, making a difference.  Jude 22